Life As an Instagram Product Marketing Intern

At Facebook, ‘move fast’ is one of our core values which can translate to one of the ways we work here — “done is better than perfect.” This concept was at first an adjustment for me because in the academic world, papers have to be perfect before they are submitted. At Facebook we are constantly iterating and improving on our work. When working on projects at Facebook, I worked with quick turnaround times while being challenged to be optimally efficient and highly impactful.

My main project for this summer has been researching other apps/services similar to Instagram and analyzing their features, marketing strategy and use cases. After two weeks of research and testing, I presented a comprehensive set of findings to my marketing team. They asked me questions about what we can learn from these other apps to continue to make Instagram a better product. I received positive feedback and questions about my research, which challenged me to dig deeper. I continue to learn about the product marketing process and gained a greater appreciation for the apps I love and use every day.

“In 6 short weeks, I grew in ways I never could have imagined. And best of all I pushed the limits I set for myself.”

In addition to my project, I also found time to connect with the larger community here at Facebook around Black Lives Matter. After a week of seeing police violence and death in the news, my fellow interns and I planned a moment of silence for #BlackLivesMatter all in under 24 hours. Hundreds of Facebook employees came out to show their support, which comforted me during such a hard week.


I also bonded with the other interns through trips to places like the San Francisco Zoo, and intern activities like #BeHeardatFB and #FBInternSummerfest16. The Be Heard event brought together over 100 Bay Area interns to talk about what it means to be a minority in tech and brainstorm ways to increase diversity in tech. Connecting and relating with other interns with similar goals as myself empowered and encouraged me to continue to mentor other students and promote opportunities in tech.

Later that same week, I faced my fears by traveling to Hollister, California with 4 other interns to tandem jump out of a plane 11,000 feet in the air. Using the wellness reimbursement benefit from Facebook, a few of us interns decided to brave the skies. Adrenaline rushed through my body as I looked out of the window of the plane. Falling through the air at 120 mph, I could barely catch my breath before the parachute opened, and I floated through the air. After skydiving, I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.

In 6 short weeks, I grew in ways I never could have imagined. I gained a deeper understanding of product marketing and how vital it is to the tech industry. I formed community with my Marketing team, the Instagram community, and the other interns. And best of all I pushed the limits I set for myself.

This post was originally published on the FB Careers Page.


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